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Samsung Engineering

Refinery plant project at Kota kinabaru in Malaysia.

New4U System has done Project management and implementation for IT infrastructure

Project in details

Project Management for infrastructure implementation

VPN tunneling between HQ in Korea and site office

PABX setup and integration with Voice Gateway

Onsite support by 2 network engineer for implementation

Supply for Panasonic PABX, Cisco 2960 switch, ASA5510, 2811 router, NexG VPN



Ascendas Korea

Provide IT outsourcing service and PM to setup AMC (Asset Management Company in Korea)

Project in details

Provide IT outsourcing service for infrastructure setup and maintenance when Ascendas setup Korean branch

Participating in Project management member with BCP(Business Continuous Plan) and DR(Disaster Recovery) to divert company activities to Asset Management Company in 2009.



Pantos Logistic

IT outsourcing service to setup IDC to serve in-house web application for braches over East Asia.

Infrastructure setup for new warehouse

Project in details

IT outsourcing service for Singapore IDC operation and maintenance with network, server and backup

Support IPLC and MPLS network design and implementation between Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. Singapore is IT hub

Consulting for IT infrastructure setup for branches over East Asia including KL, Singapore, Bangkok, Mumbai and New Delhi

IT infrastructure setup at 4 new warehouses in Singapore and Vietnam with Cisco AP, switch, router VPN, PABX and IPLCs.




SsangYong E&C at Marina Bay IR

IT outsourcing service for Full IT maintenance support and infrastructure setup

Project in details

Supply for IT equipments like desktop, network and storage, server and backup

Infrastructure setup by firewall with HA and multiple internet lines

IT support more than 300 users at 2 onsite offices for 2 years.

Build up wireless office to support mobility due to fast progressive construction onsite.



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